About Us
Our Story

Our estate, once scarred by logging, now thrives as a sanctuary for coffee, adorned with over 20 native tree species. Beyond a mere coffee farm, Flying Pumas champions biodiversity, converting pastures into a blend of coffee plants and native trees nurtured by our unique soil, shaped by volcanic activity and diverse microclimates. Nestled at elevations of 1750 to 1900 meters, our region hosts diverse ecological life, including majestic big cats in La Amistad Natural Park. The Ngöbe-Buglé community's agricultural expertise is pivotal to our operations, while Los Pozos' thermal waters add to the area's allure. Our vision extends to creating a 180-hectare sanctuary that harmonizes nature, conservation, regeneration, and sustainable coffee cultivation.

Listen closely, and you'll hear the secrets whispered by the mountains.

Our Farm Insights

Located in the Volcan region of Chiriqui, in Panama, our Farm benefits from the influence of the Barú and Colorado Volcanoes, resulting in fertile, mineral-rich soils ideal for specialty coffee cultivation.

Situated at an average altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, the farm fosters the development of high sugar concentrations in the coffee cherries, yielding coffees with intricate flavor profiles.

The farm's unique microclimate, shaped by latitude approximately 8° 45'N, La Amistad Park's cloudiness, the Bajareque effect, and natural light variations, creates an exceptional environment for specialty coffee growth.

With 60 hectares devoted to coffee cultivation and 120 hectares preserved for conservation, the farm actively promotes biodiversity, benefiting from its proximity to La Amistad Park.

Primarily cultivating the Geisha variety (80% of production), the farm also grows a diverse range of varieties such as SL-28, Typica, Pacas, and Bourbon Orange, among others, contributing to its flavor diversity.

Using advanced techniques such as an optimal planting density of about 2086 coffee plants per hectare, the farm boosts plant health and sustainability. Detailed methods like precise pruning, micro-fermentations, and sun drying enhance the coffee's flavor profile.